Entertainment Industry Flex Plan

The Trustees of the Flex Plan have voted to make the following modifications due to the coronavirus crisis. Watch your mail for details.

  • Extending the claims submission deadline for 2019 claims to 06/30/2020
  • Do a special mailing/email run that would:
  • Request that all participants switch to email delivery (if they are not already).  So far, we have a third of our staff working remotely and are taking incoming participant, employer, and local union calls.  In the event US Mail delivery is delayed or suspended, we will be able to continue to process anything received electronically (email/fax).
  • Offer a “Special Open Enrollment,” a 30-day window for participants, offering Participants the following options:  
  • Change between the group medical plans offered through the Flex Plan.
    • This would allow participants to change from Plan 80 to Plan 60 and decrease their monthly costs.
    • For California participants, Kaiser would allow us to have a “Special Open Enrollment.”
  • Allow participants covered by Exchange or Individual Policies to come on to Flex Plan Group Insurance, provided their account balance satisfies the qualifying amount ($62.50 or more).
    • Many participants covered by Exchange or Individual Policies have Flex Plan account balances but are unable to use the monies in their account towards the cost of their insurance premiums and expenses because they are not covered by group insurance.  
    • This would allow them to use their Flex Plan balance to pay premiums. 
  • Allow participants to drop dental and vision coverage to reduce their monthly costs.
  • Participants that make changes would be not allowed to change options again until the next Open Enrollment period at the end of the year, which would take effect 01/01/2021.