UCLA Health Update


As a Reminder:
Telemedicine is Available to You
 During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Participants are reminded of their telemedicine benefit. Telemedicine allows someone to visit with a physician by phone or to engage in online video communication using a computer, smartphone or tablet. It should not be used if acute emergency help is needed. 
 For Anthem Blue Cross PPO Enrollees:Telemedicine visits for Participants with the Anthem Blue Cross PPO is being offered with no co-payment or coinsurance when using LiveHealth Online.  Please click the link below to connect to LiveHealth Online. LiveHealth Online 
 For Anthem Medicare Preferred Plan (Medicare Advantage) Enrollees:LiveHealth Online is covered with a $0 co-payment on the Anthem Medicare Preferred Plan (Medicare Advantage).  The Anthem Medicare Preferred Plan will also waive a Participant’s cost share for phone or video visits with other telehealth providers, including visits for behavioral health for 90 days, effective March 17, 2020.  Please click the link below to connect to LiveHealth Online. LiveHealth Online 
 For Health Net Enrollees:For Participants enrolled in Health Net, telemedicine is available through Teledoc.  Participants will not be required to pay a co-payment.  Please click the link below to connect to Teledoc or call (800) 835-2362. Teladoc 
 For Kaiser Permanente Enrollees:Participants enrolled in Kaiser Permanente should call (833) 574-2273 to schedule a telemedicine visit, or can make an appointment online at or with the Kaiser Permanente app.  Participants will not be required to pay a co-payment for the telemedicine benefit.  Please click the link below to connect to Get Care 
 For Oxford Health Plans Enrollees:Participants enrolled in the Oxford Health Plans and the Oxford Medicare Advantage Plan may seek a tele-visit visit through their primary care provider or specialist at the same benefit as an office visit (co-payment and co-insurance apply). Alternatively, Participants may use telemedicine through Amwell and Participants will not be required to pay a co-payment or coinsurance. This telemedicine benefit is in effect through April 30, 2020. Please click the link below to connect to Amwell. Amwell

MPI Info for ADG Members

March 26, 2020

Dear Local 800 Members,
For the last week and a half, I have been alluding in my email announcements to multiple programs under development at MPI designed to provide significant relief for those of you who are vested participants in the Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan. An important update was released last evening (dated 3/25/2020) by MPI for you.
Click Here for the MPI COVID 19 Updated PDF.
Please read it carefully for specific information and instructions. To recap what has been approved:

  • Individual Account Plan (IAP) Withdrawal
  • Waiver of Medical Premiums
  • Telemedicine with No Co-Payments or Co-Insurance for LIveHealth Online or Amwell
  • No out of Pocket Costs for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing
  • Early Prescription Refill Availability

Individual Account Plan (IAP) Withdrawal:The ability to withdraw from your IAP (Annuity Plan) is huge. Please do not rely on my brief description here but according to this announcement, vested participants may apply for a special one-time early withdrawal of up to 20% of their 2018 IAP account balance, not to exceed a maximum dollar limit of $20,000. This will be subject to the hardship withdrawal provisions within IRS regulations. Participants will be allowed to “gross up” the withdrawal amount to account for federal and state tax withholdings, thus the withdrawal will be inclusive of those tax obligations, allowing for a net $20,000 withdrawal. If permitted by law, the withdrawal will not be taxable if repaid to the IAP within three (3) years.  Waiver of Medical Premiums:Effective immediately Participants responsible for paying active health premiums are granted a one-time waiver for one eligibility quarter. For those whose current premiums have already been paid, a refund will not be issued, but a credit for the next quarter’s premium will be provided. This waiver will be offered only to those participants enrolled in the Active Health Plan of the Motion Picture Industry Health Plan on March 1, 2020Telemedicine with No Co-Payments or Co-Insurance for LIveHealth Online or Amwell:Participants availing themselves of services provided by LiveHealth Online through Anthem Blue Cross or Amwell through Oxford Health Plans may do so without either copay or coinsurance.  No Out-of-Pocket Costs for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing:Participants will not incur any out-of-pocket costs (neither co-payment or co-insurance) for the COVID-19 virus diagnostic test and the associated visit for this test. Early Prescription Refill Availability:Please check the link carefully for instructions on how to, for a period of 30 days, refill prescriptions medications early for up to a 90-day supply.
To Address the Rhinoceros in the Room:The MPI Plans’ Staff and Board of Directors are reviewing all options to minimize any disruption to health coverage for any active participants that has been caused by the production shutdowns and subsequent reduction of contribution hours associated with coronavirus precautions.  All Participants will be notified as quickly as possible of any actions taken by the Board of Directors.

Chuck Parker
Executive Director
IATSE Local 800